Soil Roof - Being at Super Fajar
November, 2019 Jatiwangi Art Factory, Indonesia

Soil Roof is a series of works exploring the daily life and work scenarios of the roof tile factory Super Fajar in Jatiwangi, Indonesia. During a one month residency at Jatiwangi Art Factory I have been hanging out, observing and taking part in different activities of work and leisure at the factory. During the time at the factory I made a series of works, which explores the diversity and moments of softness I found in psychical labour  which brings awareness to the “atypical” or undermined characteristics, faces or places of the factory and likewise open up towards seeing factories as produces of meaning and moments beyond their "product". The series of works are graphic illustrations which play with the idea of the original and the simple, as well as the history and golden age of the roof tile industry of Jatiwangi. The works are installed as a permanent exhibition in the factory where they "play out" followed with a map/guide of the works structured after process from where the soil transform into roof tiles, in between soil and roof.

Why binary should have all the pun 

Tifa Working Studies, Pune, May-June, 2019. Co-curated with Kaur Chimuk

Why binary should have all the pun is an international exchange and exhibition program which investigates how art practices can be seen as socio-political and cultural tools of navigating, experiencing and exploring the binaries of our everyday life and society. The program will include artistic contributions from 20 International and Indian artist working in different fields of artistic expressions; painting, sculpturing, scenography, theatre, performances, and video art. The exhibition is bringing focus and emphasis on how we disrupt with binaries and the importance of what lies in-between them, for example, between the West and the East and furthermore why is it important to understand the process, ambivalence, nuances or becoming rather than two fixed opposites.


The program is initiated and curated by Danish artist and curator, Lasse Mouritzen and Indian visual artist and curator Kaur Chimuk with a common vision of starting up new platforms for artistic, cultural as well as socio-political exchange and collaboration, and engage with the local culture and art scene of Pune.

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