Becoming Animal

Land Art Workshop, Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, November, 2018

In collaboration with Babora Kachlikova


Becoming Animal is a two day land-art workshop with children and youth of Jakrem. The workshop is conceptualised after an ancient Khasi story about the villagers of Rangmaw and their relationship and coalescence with the rahon (tiger). During the workshop we outlined a huge (13 * 4 meter) figure in sand depicting a human withclaws and an animal head. We used the natural local materials from the area; stones, sand, leaves and wood to fill out and decorate the figure. As we outlined, filled and decorated the figure we encouraged the children regularly to step up to the hillside to help them with the navigationand perspective of the piece.

The aim of the workshop is to use local Khasi stories to teach children and youth how we relate, depend and correspond to nature, and how we can use land-art to express ourselves and our stories through our natural environment.