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Family Monument 

Ongoing photographic research

The meeting point(s) of the private and public has been an occurring interest to me. Clothe is a medium that travels in-between private and public spheres. It traverses these spheres with different meanings and possibilities. My interest with Family Monument is to search in how the private is brought into the public and vice versa. How it transforms the meaning of environments and textures between the intimate, personal, social and the public. Public drying of clothe is a practical solution to safe the private space and take advantage of the open public or surrounding area of a residence. Yet, there is always something capturing and imaginative about how public display of clothe also transform the way we perceive the public. The ways in which public space and natural areas are used to drying clothe is a transaction between the two spheres and somehow it also represent how certain people and families belong to certain places. The clothe outline the figures of a family or a community, like how a portrait would look like without bodies. The different pieces of clothe blend into the landscape in a play between randomness and order. An assemblage of colours and textures. As Jane Bennett suggest, things also occur within a force, and likewise I see these pieces of fabric as if they are constituted in-between a process of absorption and resistance towards the landscapes in where they are placed. The research is an attempt to form new images and reflections on the relation between the private and the public, as the relation between people and landscapes.

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