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मृगतृष्णा, Mirage 

Site-specific film work and collaboration, Pune, 2019

मृगतृष्णा, Mirage is a research and video elaborated on the labor camp and constructions sites around Flame University in Pune. The research investigates social conditions, temporality and desires of the construction workers within their ambiguous relation to the build environment. The film was presented and screened as a site-specific installation at Flame University Campus and in the labor camp of the construction workers in February 2019.


More info on the project coming soon at

मृगतृष्णा, Mirage (extract) 10:12 min.

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Screening मृगतृष्णा, Mirage at labour camp, Lavalle, Pune


Research and visit at collaboraters Munmun and Babli Das at labour camp, Lavalle, Pune

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